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Fronesis Coaching

No matter what stage of life you’re in or what challenges you are facing, I am a firm believer that YOU have the answers to overcome your problems and challenges. I recognize however that it can, sometimes, be difficult to see the solutions on your own and I am here to help you realize the possibilities available to you that will change the direction of your life for the better

Coaching is an incredibly beneficial practice that can serve as a journey of self-discovery. Whether you’re launching your first business, are an executive for a large corporation, or simply seeking a stronger sense of empowerment, enhancing your mindset, life, and career, coaching ca reshape your destiny.
While the journey takes effort, I am eager to partner with you and encourage you to find the power within yourself to make positive changes. Coaching is a collaborative effort, pivotal in fostering a client’s growth by promoting self-awareness and empowering choice.

Why choose Fronesis Coaching?

Fronesis (spelled “phronesis”) is an ancient Greek term that is often translated as “practical wisdom.” It’s one of the key virtues in Aristotle’s ethical thought. Unlike other forms of knowledge that might be more theoretical or abstract, phronesis concerns the ability to make wise decisions and take proper action in specific situations.
For Aristotle, phronesis involves being able to deliberate well about what is good and advantageous for oneself, not in terms of a specific skill but in terms of living a good and fulfilling life. In simple terms, if someone possesses phronesis, they are adept at making sound decisions and judgments in real-life situations, based on their understanding of what is morally right and beneficial for human flourishing.
Phronesis in the context of coaching refers to the application of practical wisdom in guiding clients. As a coach, who embodies phronesis, I am not just relying on theoretical knowledge or pre-set techniques; my style is to draw from a deep well of practical understanding, intuition, and discernment honed from personal experiences and insights, allowing me to tailor my approach to the unique situation and needs of each client.

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What to can expect from our coaching engagement:

Context-Sensitive Decision Making

I believe that every client is unique, and a situation that works for one may not work for another. As a coach my job is to be adept at making decisions tailored to the specific context of the client’s situation.

Balancing Theory and Practice

While theoretical knowledge is essential, I know when to rely on learned techniques and when to adapt or even abandon them based on the intricacies of the situation.

Intuitive Insight

Phronesis often involves a level of intuition, a sense of just “knowing” what the right course of action is, even if it can’t be fully articulated. This intuitive insight is invaluable in my coaching, especially in complex or ambiguous situations.

Commitment to Personal Growth

A coach with phronesis, I recognize the importance of continual personal growth, not just in terms of professional development but also in moral and ethical understanding.

Reflective Practice

As a coach, I am committed to continuous learning and regularly reflect on my actions, decisions, and outcomes. This reflective practice helps me to learn from every engagement and refine my approach over time.

Empathy and Understanding

I am committed to investing the time to deeply understand where each client is coming from, recognize your values, and partner with you in a way that aligns with your personal and ethical beliefs.

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Fronesis Coaching

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In essence, applying phronesis in my coaching is about navigating the delicate balance between learned techniques and personal intuition, always with an eye towards what is ethically right and beneficial for you, the client.
During our coaching partnership, my aim will be to enable self-awareness by broadening your perspectives – you’ll find the freedom to explore your thoughts, understand your limitations and potential and improve your focus. If successful, we will create insight and learning, which in turn can help you understand more about your own challenges and help you make informed choices about your future.
The answer to your challenges lies within you and I am deeply committed to helping you achieve your full potential by working with you to uncover the possibilities available to you.

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